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    Behind the Wheel Skills Training ($250.00)
    Test Preparation ($150.00 for the question preparation (6 Hrs of in person) or all tests on their own pace)
    Solo Private Drives- One-on-One Training ($40.00/Hr.)
    Practical Skills/State Road Test Only ($35.00/Test)

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    Welcome to Salt Lake International Driving School (SLIDS). Our Instructor (s) are State Certified and are thoroughly trained through the National Safety Council. We look forward to working with you and provide you with an enjoyable and safe environment necessary to prepare you for the challenges Utah roadways have to offer. Whether you are new to driving, new to the area, preparing for the State Road Test or just need additional driving practice on the freeway; you have come to the right place to equip you with safe driving skills. Please review the program rules and regulations before signing the form below. We thank you in advance for trusting us with your driver training needs and appreciate your full cooperation in the following terms and conditions.

    General Rules: Salt Lake International Driving School will provide students with 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation for a total of 12 hours of behind the wheel training. Our school also offers private drives and state approved skills assessment for non-SLIDS students. Our school invites the legal guardian of students 18 years and under to participate as a silent observer whenever there is an open seat in our training vehicle.

    All scheduled drives without observers will continue as scheduled after the 24-hour cancellation period. We reserve the right to change or modify your scheduled appointment with advance notice as seen fit for the safe operation of the instruction. It is the student’s responsibility to contact our office for the status of your scheduled drive or observation.

    Finally, we reserve the right to cancel drives for reasonable cause (i.e. natural disaster, significant bad weather) within a 24-hour cancellation period.

    Behind-The-Wheel Training (BTW): Salt Lake International Driving School provides driver license division approved practical skills training commonly known as “Behind the Wheels training Only”. In this program, the driver trainee will participate in an instructor led, trainee driven driving and observation sessions. These sessions are 2 hours per block.

    A student is limited to a maximum of one driving and one observation block per day. In this program the student MUST complete a total of 6 blocks to satisfy the driver license division required 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction. All training in this block is conducted in School owned, division approved modern

    vehicle at a flat rate of $225.00.

    Certification: As required by Utah Rule 708-2-16, upon completion of this program, you will receive a certificate of completion in your name providing proof of behind-the-wheel and observation training. You may present this certificate with a separate documentation showing the completion of 18 hours of classroom training (if applicable) from another approved program to meet the driver license division’s requirements for driver education.

    Please note, per Utah rule 708, Salt Lake International Driving School will not offer the skills assessment/road test to our students who have completed our behind the wheel program.

    Out of State: Out of state student trainees who have completed a portion of their state required drivers education skills hours may complete customized behind the wheels only skills training to complete the minimum Utah state requirements. The student can choose to either complete our Behind-The-Wheels Only program (12 total hours) or only complete the remaining hours at the rate of $30.00/Hr. For example, if a student has documented proof that they have completed 8 hours of the required skills training, they will only need to complete the remaining 4 hours at the rate of $30.00 per hour to satisfy the minimum Utah Driver License Division licensing requirements.

    Private Drives: Salt Lake International Driving School also offers private drives for individuals who need extra practical skills training to prepare the skills road test, or those students that just need additional hours to feel secured in their safe driving abilities. These private drives are offered in a two-hour session at the rate of $80.00 per session. A student can purchase these blocks as individual- pay as you learn program or in package customized to their need after a free 15-minute skills evaluation with our instructor.

    Skills Assessment/Road Test: If you have completed your driver education training elsewhere, Congratulation. Salt Lake International Driving is pleased to offer you a state approved skills assessment commonly known as “Road Test” at the cost of $30.00 per test. A student may choose to use their own vehicle or school owned vehicle for this practical skills test, provided that the student vehicle is properly licensed, insured and in a good mechanical condition.

    Skills Assessment/Road Test: If you have completed your driver education training elsewhere, Congratulation. Salt Lake International Driving is pleased to offer you a state approved skills assessment commonly known as “Road Test” at the cost of $30.00 per test. A student may choose to use their own vehicle or school owned vehicle for this practical skills test, provided that the student vehicle is properly licensed, insured and in a good mechanical condition.

    Learners Permit: The student shall supply the school with a valid learner permit before any drives or observations are scheduled, (the permit must also remain valid throughout the student enrollment in any of our programs). It is the student’s responsibility to check all ID and testing requirements for the State of Utah before registering in any of our programs.

    Any student that presents an expired permit for a scheduled driving session or road test will be asked to reschedule at additional fee for the missed hours.

    Tuition: Unless prior arrangements are made, the student agrees to pay Salt Lake International Driving School the total tuition of the current school rate at time of registration. We accept all major US and international cards, VISA/MC/DISC/AMEX. We also accept cash and cashier’s che1cks. Salt Lake International Driving School does not accept personal checks of any kind. Student tuition is not transferable from one student to another. A student who has setup other financial arrangements or agreed upon payment plans and fails to fulfil the agreed upon terms will be subject to collection fees as permitted by the State laws.

    All returned payments will be subject to a $35.00 recovery fee plus any charges incurred by the school in recovery not to exceed four times the purchased program cost.

    Refunds: Students are eligible for a full refund if the request is made within 72 hours of registration. After this grace period a $50 service charge will be assessed in addition to any behind-the-wheel, observation, and classroom costs that incurred before withdrawal. No refunds are allowed after nine (9) months of program enrollment

    No show Fees: An additional Fee of $30 will be charged to the student if he or she is absent from a previously scheduled behind the wheel driving appointment or an observation appointment. The no show fee must be paid in full before any subsequent appointment (s) are made. If the student misses four scheduled appointments without proper cancellation notice, the tuition will be forfeited, and the student fails the course. All cancellation requests must be made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment start time by contacting the school main phone number and leaving a message if unanswered or by sending an email to the school email address provided at time of registration.

    Alcohol/Drug use: Salt Lake International Driving Schools has ZERO tolerance for student consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any chemical that may interfere with their performance behind the wheel. Student suspected to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, (illicit or any prescribed) impairing the students ability to safely operate a motor vehicle will be asked to reschedule their appointment for additional fee of no less than $50.00 per hour missed. Any indulgence while participating in this program will result in immediate dismissal with no refund.

    Smoking/ Personal Electronic Device use: Smoking and vaping is not allowed during lessons (classroom or car) or within 30 feet of the school vehicles or classrooms. The use of personal electronic devices during class or while driving/observing or testing in the car is strictly prohibited.Students in violation of our smoking and electronic use policy will be given warnings as seen fit for

    the successful completion of the program.

    Any student who willfully fails to comply with our smoking and personal electronic device use policy will be dismissed from the program with no refund.

    Course Time Limit: Students must complete the course within twelve calendar months commencing the date of registration. If the course is not completed within twelve months the student must repay the full registration fee and start the course over at our school or any other school of the student

    choosing. Students may begin program on the same day payment is received and register for subsequent classes at their own pace, so long as the program is completed within the prescribed time above.

    Guarantees: Salt Lake International Driving School does not guarantee of any student passing any part of subsequent testing after the completion of our program (s), we will do our best to equip you with the skills necessary to be a safe driver on Utah roadways.

    Acknowledgement: I certify that information I have provided in my registration form is true and accurate and is of my current personal identifying and contact information as known by the Utah Driver License Division. By signing below I further certify that I have been provided a copy of the above program rules and regulations and I (the student) and if applicable (my parents) who signed below read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions provided and discussed. I further hold the school harmless of any injuries or loss sustained by me because of my willful negligence and failure to follow verbal and or written instruction of all school employees including instructors and administrative staff

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