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    Do you have a learners permit?

    Budget Friendly

    Our programs were created with you in mind. Our School offers low cost, budget friendly flexible payment options.

    Low Cost: We guarantee you the lowest cost to finish your driver training program in Salt Lake Valley. If you find any cheaper offer to complete the Skills Training or State Road Test, we will price match.

    Flexible: We offer several payment options to fit your budget. You can pay for the program upfront or pay as you go, by only paying for the hours completed in the program.

    Accepted Payment Methods: Salt Lake International Driving School accepts all forms of payment except personal checks. We accept all forms of US card payments, Venmo, Cash App or Square payment. You can always pay with Cash or Cashiers checks in person as well.

    Customer Focused Approach

    We understand that “one size fits all” does not work for everyone, therefore we have created flexible driver training programs for your success. From our Complete No-voice driver training program to Private Drives, we will assess your needs and customize a program tailored for your lifestyle to foster your success.

    Whether you are a high school teenager who has completed the classroom portion at your high school and only need the behind the wheels-skills only-training hours, you are an adult of 19-years of age or older and need Drivers Ed training to waive the mandatory learner permit holding period or an experienced driver reinstating your driver license after a period of lapsed driving privilege, we have a program for you. Call, click or drop us an inquiry below to learn more.

    Modern Technology

    While we do not use self-driving automotive for our training programs, we use state of the art vehicle that is equipped with modern technology to challenge your driving ability. We use modern technology to aid you throughout your driver training program. From visual aids to self-paced learning programs, Salt Lake International Driving School will only teach you as fast as you can safely gain and retain the concepts taught in the program. It is for that reason that our training programs are customized with your success in mind, not on your wallet.

    We will train you one day a week or 6 days in a row as you see fit to help you gain and master the safe driving skills needed to face the roadways challenges awaiting you on Utah roads with all the complex driving laws.

    Your driver training program will include teaching of the basic driving skills such as right and left turns, lane changes and proper signals and following distance along with Highway and Interstate Driving. We will teach you basic driving laws to know your rights and responsibilities as a motoring driver on Utah roadways while preparing you to master the five basic maneuvers you must know to pass your State Road Test-These include Backing, Three Point Turn, U-Turn (s), Hill parking (Up and Down Hill) and Parallel Parking. Call, click or drop us an inquiry in the box above to learn more.

    State Minimum Skills Training

    $ 210.00

    Per Enrollment

    Effective May 2021, students in a Utah Drivers Ed program only have to complete a state minimum of 6-hours of behind the wheel training with no requirement for 6 hours of observation. Therefore, a student ONLY needs to complete 3 blocks of 2-hr training session to meet minimum requirements. Salt Lake International Driving School offers these state minimum hours at a cost of $210.00 per student.

    In this program we will provide you practical training in basic driving skills to include lane change, left and right turns, proper head checks and turn signal usage  and braking. You will practice highway and city driving, Parking maneuvers and other mandatory skills maneuvers required for the State practical skills assessment/Road Test.

    All behind-the-wheels skills training is completed in State approved school-owned vehicle.

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    Private Drive Skills Training

    $ 80.00

    Per Session (2Hrs)

    In this student to instructor, one-on-one training session, Salt Lake International Driving will provide the student with a free 10-minute skills assessment to help develop a customized plan to meet the students specific driver education needs.

    Whether you are new to the area and just need some practical hours to join Utah roadway users safely or need additional practical skills to prepare for the State Road test, we will customize a program for your success.

    In this program, depending on your situation, you can complete the training in your private car or school owned, state certified vehicle.

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    Traditional Behind The Wheels TrainingFavorite

    $ 280.00

    Per Enrollment

    In this program the student completes a total of 6  2-hr training blocks to complete the program. The student completes the state minimum 6 hours of driving and an additional 6 hours of observation in 3 2-hr blocks each. The student can also use the observation blocks as additional driving blocks to improve on specific areas of practice. Our goal is client satisfaction; therefore, we will customize this package to help you-the student meet the state minimum plus give you additional 6 hours of training to your specification for a cost of $280.00.

    All training in these blocks is conducted in School owned, division approved modern vehicle equipped with student and instructor controls.

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    State Road TestRecommended

    $ 35.00

    Per Month

    As a Department of Public of Public Safety, Division of Driver License approved third party tester, our school is able to offer you this final practical skills assessment which takes an average of 20-driving minutes at the lowest price in town in your personal or school owned, state certified vehicle.

    This behind-the-wheels practical skills assessment session is the state required final driving test for a new Utah driver applicant. The assessment covers basic driving skills including lane changes, stopping, safe braking and signal usage along with the 5-state required mandatory maneuvers including Straight Line Backing, Hill parking (up/down hill), Parallel parking, Three-point turns and U-urns. At the end of this assessment, our instructor will provide you with feedback on  your performance for your future safe driving on Utah roadways.

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    Good Student Discount-10%

    All current high school students with a 3.0 or higher GPA in most recent grade report is eligible for an additional 10% off on our already low-cost driver education course.

    Refugees/Asylee Discount-10%

    Refugees who have been in the country for less than 3 years with a refugee, Asylee or Legal permanent resident status with a referral from local resettlement agency are eligible for an additional 10% discount on our already low-cost driver education courses.