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Welcome to Salt Lake International Driving School (SLIDS). Our Instructor (s) are State Certified and are thoroughly trained through the National Safety Council. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the enjoyable and safe environment necessary to prepare you for the challenges Utah roadways have to offer. Whether you are new to driving, new to the area, preparing for the State Road Test or just need additional driving practice on the freeway; you have come to the right place to equip you with safe driving skills. Please review the program rules and regulations before signing the form below. We thank you in advance for trusting us with your driver training needs and appreciate your full cooperation in the following terms and conditions.

General Rules: Salt Lake International Driving School will provide students with driving and observation hours to meet and exceed the minimum state required behind the wheel skills training hours for licensure. Our school also offers private drives and state approved skills assessment for non-SLIDS students. Our school invites the legal guardian of students under 18 years of age to participate as a silent observer in at least one of their students driving blocks whenever there is an open seat in our training vehicle.

All scheduled drives without observers will continue as scheduled after the 24-hour cancellation period. We reserve the right to change or modify your scheduled appointment with advance notice as seen fit for the safe operation of the instruction. It is the student’s responsibility to contact our office for the status of your scheduled drive or observation.

Finally, we reserve the right to cancel drives for reasonable cause (i.e. natural disaster, significant bad weather) within a 24-hour cancellation period.

Behind-The-Wheel Skills Training (BTW): Salt Lake International Driving School provides driver license division approved practical skills training commonly known as “Behind the Wheels training Only”. In this program, the driver trainee will participate in an instructor led, student driven driving and or an observation sessions. These sessions are 2 hours per block. A student is limited to a maximum of one driving and one observation block per day. There are two packages to choose from to complete the Behind-The-Wheels training.

Option A: State minimum hours– Effective May 2021, students in a Utah Drivers Ed program only have to complete a state minimum of 6-hours of behind the wheel training with no requirement for 6 hours of observation. Therefore a student ONLY needs to complete 3 blocks of 2-hr training session to meet minimum requirements. Salt Lake International Driving School offers these state minimum hours at a cost of $210.00 per student.

Option B: Traditional Behind The Wheels Training. In this program the student completes a total of 6  2-hr training blocks to complete the program. The student completes the state minimum 6 hours of driving and an additional 6 hours of observation in 3 2-hr blocks each. The student can also use the observation blocks as additional driving blocks to improve on specific areas of practice. Our goal is client satisfaction, therefore we will customize this package to help you-the student meet the state minimum plus give you additional 6 hours of training to your specification for a cost of $280.00

All training in these blocks is conducted in School owned, division approved modern vehicle equipped with student and instructor controls.

Certification: As required by Utah Rule 708-2-16, upon completion of this program, you will receive a certificate of completion in your name providing proof of behind-the-wheel and observation training. You may present this certificate with a separate documentation showing the completion of 18 hours of classroom training (if applicable) from another approved program to meet the driver license division’s requirements for driver education.

Please note, per Utah rule 708, Salt Lake International Driving School will not offer the skills assessment/road test to our students who have completed our behind the wheel program.